Shop: Minnie Wilde (San Francisco)

Minnie Wilde Great Fashion for Women

Are you looking for clothing that is unique and affordable in the Mission District of San Francisco? There is no doubt you could stop off at one of the many local thrift stores, but if you want truly unique design, beautiful construction, and something that will virtually be an heir loom once you’ve bought it, then Minnie Wilde is the shop to go to. The shop is owned and managed by Terri Olson and Ann D’Apice and has been around since 2001. Their influence for the shop is maybe called thrift store chic. This doesn’t do their store justice, but at least it’s three easy words to remember. To put it another way, their style is to combine vintage pieces with contemporary looks to create a bit of a pastiche. I went in to the store just the other day to have a look at their shop up close (it’s two blocks from my house), and I found the owners working at the counter. They were extremely helpful, and I really enjoyed my visit.
Minnie Wilde Goods

Address: minnie wilde | 3266 21st st | san francisco, ca 94110

Phone: 415-642-9453

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