Seven Well Designed Promotional Item Ideas For Your Brand

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One thing I’ve decided to start is a How-To area of the site. It won’t be a huge focus of the site, but I want to do this to share some of the resources I’ve learned about that is not concerning cool design objects.

On to the list. Why did I create this list? I’ve been looking for fairly inexpensive and unique ways to get some cool promotional items. I did a little research, and I thought, “Why not share this information?”. If anyone knows of any other cool promotional items I’ve left off this list, then please leave a comment and let me know about them.
Moo Cards at

Create beautiful, stylish business cards with Moo: Moo is about the coolest online business card design site I’ve seen. Moo connects to your Flickr account, so you can pull images from it onto your cards. What makes Moo unique is that you can create 100 distinctly different cards in each pack that you order. So, one thing I was thinking would make these cards kind of fun is creating a kind of game or contest with these cards. I was thinking of giving my logo away as an adobe illustrator file and asking participants to pimp my logo. The favorite logos would be judged by the community, and the winner would receive a nicely designed prize. Then, each entry would be saved on Flickr, and I would turn the designs into a pack of 100 cards on Moo where each artist is included in the pack. Moo allows for each image to be individually recognized on the cards, so you could acknowledge each artist as a way to reciprocate their enthusiasm for your site.

Go beyond the CafePress printed T-Shirt with real screen printing from Custom Ink: I have quickly set up a T-Shirt shop at Cafe Press. It’s super easy, and I don’t have to worry about minimum orders. But if you want much higher quality and flexibility with your T-shirt printing, you will have to step it up a notch. When the time comes, I suggest looking at Custom Ink. The User Interface isn’t as cute as Cafe Press, but it’s good. Everything worked for me perfectly. And, as you will find, screen printing will open the whole shirt as your canvas rather than a small piece of it. Volume buying is the only way this setup will work, though.

Make compelling hard cover books with Lulu: Recently, I saw Lulu demoed at a conference, and it was a hit (for good reason). This is the only company I know that makes beautiful one-off books for a reasonable price. These books can be used as portfolios or promotional objects. The hardcover version looks and feels really nice. And it’s the quality of the book as an object that gives your promotional material a higher level of legitimacy. This would be a great PR gift.

Design a rug with your brand actually woven into the rug from Treasure Knit: This looks a little scary from the pictures on their site, but give the right design, this could be be a pretty fun way to get the word out on your company. OK, maybe it’s a bit expensive doing a rug, but there is something psychologically permanent having your logo in a rug. On second thought, this may not be all that cool.

iPod Etching

Etch your iPod with EtchaMac: Etch A Mac is cool, though. There is no doubt. I would say that this would be the best client gift available. What you could do is very gingerly take apart the iPod packaging, pull out the iPod, and have it sent to be laser etched with a thank you note and your company’s logo. Then, of course, put the iPod back just as you’d found it once the etching process is finished. For an added personal touch, load a 10 songs that relate to the relationship to the customer- maybe something cheesy and fun.

Make your business card a scratchoff from Koolprint: I have never seen this done, so I take full credit for this idea. First, what is a scratchoff? It’s one of those things you may have seen at the liquor store used for lottery games. It’s a card with a thin sheet of removable material that disappears when you scratch it off revealing that you’ve either won or lost a prize. I think that it would be pretty cool to make your business card into a scratchoff where everyone wins a prize. I would obviously make the prize something super simple, but cool. Then, I would throw in a few really cool prizes, and maybe save those for the real potential prospects. The really cool thing about this one is if they want the prize they have to claim it by giving up their info, so I think the potential is high to help a mailing list grow. Again, there is a high cheese factor, but I think it might be fun, too.

Have some fun with flip books from Flippies: Flippies are awesome! Do you have a product that is well suited to being demonstrated in action? This might be a perfect opportunity to get the word out. For instance, I profiled this awesome chair that folds out like an accordion. The chair does not look like much until you can see what it can do in a video. A flip book could easily show the benefit of the chair, and be a neat little tangible object to share with friends.

Nike Personalised Shoe

Brand your own Nike shoes at NikeiD: (click on iD exclusives menu, then Metro Collection) This really is an ultimate promotional wearable item that probably very few people even know about. A lot of salespeople where collared shirts. Boring! On the Nike site you can chose your brand colors for the shoes, and then add your brand name to the back of the shoe all for a reasonable hundred bucks. It’s an eye catching extension to the huge realm of branded clothing ubiquity that’s out there. So, let’s say my logo is pink and black like the one at the beginning of the article. I just create a pink and black shoe to fit my brand colors. The only unfortunate thing about the shoe is that each shoe is limited to five characters, so it might not work for every situation.

So that’s my list! I hope this list is handy for people. Please give me some feedback on promotional items you like to make for your brand.

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