Self Healing Tape: Finally, a way to break something without breaking anything

Self Healing Tape by Draw Me a Sheep.

I recently covered the fun and innovative Nature V2.0 chair by Dream Me a Sheep which is so clever in itself. But the designers at dream me a sheep are constantly finding smart and witty ways to reintroduce old product concepts. One of their recent designs is Self Healing Tape. It’s a new take on an old design: tape. Tape for the past seventy or so years has just been this clear plastic stuff that allows the user to stick things together. Great job. Not until the last couple of years, though, have designers said to themselves, why cant we print something on the tape to have the tape make a statement? Why not indeed. What Draw Me a Sheep has answered with is a clear tape with a random crack pattern printed on to the tape to make any object that receives the tape look broken (see vase above). Now, why might you want something to look broken? For fun, perhaps? I’d love to send a present to my mom with this tape on it. She’d get a kick out of it, I’d think.

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