Salvatore Ferragamo White Pump with Mosaic Heal: A Break from Tradition

Salvatore Ferragamo White Pump with Mosaic Heal

I have been contemplating giving who I am and everything I do in life a catchy tag line that will help an audience identify with me. Design Crack, as of yet, has no tag line. It pretty much explains itself, I think, with the mental visual of a design object that is irresistibly addictive- thus, Design Crack. But how about a tag line describing myself? How about a realistic tagline: “Brandon Thomas Baunach: married, overweight architect in love with his wife and expectant son”. Not too interesting. Increasingly, as I come to terms with my love of women’s fashion, I find that a better and more exciting tagline might be “Brandon Thomas Baunach: horn-rimmed shoe fetishist who hates iPhones”. (I just added the last part to get the residual traffic from iPhone-hater haters, but the first part is true.) I wear horn rimmed glasses, and I can’t stay away from a good shoe.

And speaking of good shoe… Ferragamo, seen above. The name brings middle-aged coiffed women to their knees in ecstasy. This brand is what I would consider to be the pinnacle of refined shoe. Salvatore Ferragamo makes the best shoes, but rarely does the brand take risks. They make simple, straight ahead, some would say WASPish shoes for those with the cash. That’s why I was struck by the daring of this Ferragamo shoe pictured above. It’s simple and refined from the front. But the back of the shoe looks as if it were constructed from a Roman mosaic that met it’s end on the heal of a high class call girl. It’s a dichotomy shoe. Virtuous by day. Sinful by night. But, always sexy.

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