Salone 2009: Oh, How I Miss Design!

Salone Di Mobile Milan

With the arrival of our son and pressing work obligations, I have gone from a roving design hog to a once per month poster on my blog Design Crack. Still, I can quickly point you to some interesting things via other people’s digging.

One place I go for the Milan experience is Wallpaper*. They have put together a decent editor’s pics section (although a bit thin on the text). My favorite editor’s picks come from Nick Vinson who has chosen as one of his picks the Fendi Craft Punk event which puts craftspeople on stage to create. I find this particularly exciting because there is so much to be learned from watching how people’s hands work at the point of conception from idea to physical object. So often, I look back at an object with no context as to how it was crafted. This event helps me solidify the importance of human endeavors and gives me reason.

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