Salon Table by Gijs kaayk

Salon Table by Gijs Kaayk

I really hope I don’t hear from this designer about this (because I seem to get a lot of ego searches where they find their product here on my site). This will be one product that I can’t fully recommend because its ugly. In fact, all of Gijs’ designs are ugly, but not in a witty, self-effacing. I think his ugly designs all start with his anti-manifesto:

” Goodbye universal design, because there are as many designs as people.
Goodbye representing design, because new things only originate by inventing.
Goodbye static design, because people change.
Goodbye everyday design, because buying has to be exiting.
Goodbye useful design, because you can buy that at Ikea’s.
Goodbye recognizable design, because the unknown is exiting.
Goodbye timeless design, because a design originates in time.”

God, where do I start. I just can’t do this. Please, take a look at his work and help me with an analysis by writing a comment on the site.

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