Rhombuswear Binary Shirt

Rhombuswear Binary Shirt

Are you a geek in need of clothing? Here’s an excellent option from Rhombuswear. It’s a shirt completely covered in ones and zeros, or the binary code for those in the know (BTW, click on the image to get a better look). This shirt, and an extremely competent first collection beyond this shirt, is the brainchild of designers Lisa and James Clunie. They started Rhombuswear as an answer to the question, ” Why can’t I find any clothes I like?”. Their collection is comprised of pieces that begin with a neutral color and then enhance the pieces with thin strips of bold colors at the zippers and the stitching. This slight bold variation on traditional themes give the pieces a quality that makes the clothing stand alone but without crossing to the level of couture (i.e. their clothes are artistic but are not freaky art pieces…which I also love, but not to wear). The binary shirt is slightly different within the collection. It is neutral and subtle as the other pieces, but it has a bit of an insider quality to it that only geeks will understand. I can just imagine an uber-nerd wearing this shirt to a conference, and using it as a conversation piece:

Cory Doctorow: “Dude. Sweet shirt.”

Me: “Yep. Binary Code. I live what I wear. I wear what I live.”

CD: “Yeah (freak)… well, so what does the shirt say?”

Me: “Here’s the cool part. It’s binary code for a picture of Pam Anderson riding Tommy Lee’s member.”

CD: “No way!”

Me: “Way.”

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