Retainer Necklace by Kiel Mead at Areaware

Retainer Necklace by Kiel Mead

Gold teeth have become so pas·sé these days that who wants to wear them anymore? Not to mention, if you are a young rapper, say eleven years old, you are going to want to wear something more appropriate to your age demographic while still retaining a high level of bling. And speaking of “retaining”, how about sporting a solid gold retainer? I don’t know the designer Kiel Mead. I’m not even sure if it’s a man or a woman with a name like Kiel. But, I commend he/she for taking a bold move in the solid gold dentistry market into new places. I think the only logical next move is to kick it up a notch and have braces installed with little LCD screens on each tooth so you and your friends can get on the PS3 simply by smiling.

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