Recstand CD Holder

Recstand is one of those products that is trying to be high design but falls short, in my opinion. What is it? It’s a plastic CD stand that comes in dozens of colors. I first noticed it in a beautiful, full paged ad in Surface Magazine. Their advertising design is beautiful as well as is their web design and packaging design. But their product design? It’s a piece of plastic with some slots in it. As I used to hear growing up in Texas, “B.F.D.” (or Big Fucking Deal). Admittedly, it’s a simple way to stand up your CDs but it does nothing gestural, it doesn’t let you do anything clever like letting you see which CD is which, it’s not stackable, it’s not combinable. Nothing. With the next design, this company should probably think of the numerous ways people would like to interact with their CDs before they release such a mediocre product with so much fanfare.

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