Portland Fashion: Adam Arnold Fall 2006

Adam Arnold Fall 2006

Adam Arnold Fall 2006

Object: Men’s and Women’s Collections Fall ’06

Designer: Adam Arnold

URL: http://www.adam-arnold.com/

Category: Fashion

Price: $100-500 depending on the piece

Lust Factor: Hot

Description: Adam Arnold is one of many very tanlented designers coming from the Portland area. Adam’s work is, what he call’s, a balance of design and construction. I like his work especially because it’s referential with an eye toward raising the bar. For instance, you look at his pieces and you feel like you’ve seen them, but you knwo their better than what you’ve seen. It’s so sublime I’m having a hard time putting my finger on how it affects me.

Take a look closely at the image of the man. The clothing feels comfortable and familiar, but it’s a twist on the layering of bold knits, and stoic vests that I’ve never seen. Remarkable.

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