Portfolio Center

The Portfolio Center- Student Work by Justin

The Portfolio Center- Student Work by Justin “Jack” Whitman

“The world is in the midst of a design explosion, which is changing the way we create marketable products and how we maintain market environments—including everything from websites to toothbrushes to retail environments. It has affected advertising also, in a big way. These days, branding is at the forefront of every industry, and the creation, re-creation, and maintenance of brands is at the core of design and advertising.

Portfolio Center offers what today’s student needs, a comprehensive education, which emphasizes process, especially as it applies to branding. And since collaboration is key, and growing more important by the minute, our students constantly partner on projects while learning to speak the global language—concepts strong enough to be universal. Whatever the particular discipline, students are trained to look at the big branding picture. Everyone is involved in it: designers, art directors, writers, photographers, and illustrators.

Portfolio Center students are also taught how communication ideas merge with communication strategy across every medium, including, but not limited to, advertising, magazine and publication, book design, information and systems design, media architecture, general exhibition design, screen based media, corporate and brand identity, environmental design, product design, web design, promotional design, architecture/urban retail planning, licensing, brand strategy, writing for design and advertising, and strategic planning.”  -Portfolio Center

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