Pillowig by JooYoun Paek

JooYoun Paek may be one of the most innovative designers I’ve seen in a long time. Her project range from the practicle to the insane. But the thread that ties her projects together is each product solves very practical problems in garishly bold ways.

There are so many ingenious products that this woman has made, but I’ve chosen just one and I leave you to explore the rest. My favorite of the group is the pillowig. It’s more of a pillow hat. (I think the term Pillowig was chosen because the words merge easily together, but pillowhat adds a third dimension, i.e. pillo-what?)

I chose to feature this design because I’ve got a six month old son who tries very hard to sit up and then flops his head back accidentaly pounding his skull on the floor which inevitably leads to screaming. That’s just what kids do. If he only had a pillowig there woulld be one less worry for me. Yes, he may look funny, but at his age I’m thinking he won’t care.

JooYoun Paek

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