Pb Elemental Architecture

Mount Baker Residence by Pb Elemental Architecture

Seattle based Pb Elemental Architecture recently sent me a note to let me know that they exist and that I should write about them to let my readers know who they are. Normally, I sort of forget about these types of emails, but when I started to look in the PbEA’s work and found that they were a one stop residence shop of modern architecture I began to salivate with envy. The beauty of their company is that they design, develop, build, and sell all of their work. Some call this ‘work by spec’. We have tons of this type of speculative building done in San Francisco almost all of which is atrocious or at best mundane. The beauty of PbEA is they have a stronger vision and sense of style and won’t take no for an answer because they control the whole process from initial design to marketing the final product.

I would really like to spend more time maybe in a podcast interviewing Pb Elemental because their process, quite frankly, is the the only way that any architect will ever be able to challenge his or her design concepts. PbEA, Email me!

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