Party Dress: Come Party in London This Friday

Party Dress London

I remember when I was fourteen years old and in junior high school I used to say to me fiends in a stupid, boyish way, “This weekend, there’ll be a party in my pants!. Of course, I didn’t literally mean there will be an actual party, with guests, and drinks, and snacks… in my pants. All my friends couldn’t fit in my pants.

So, I was shocked to got a press release today about a party in London, called Party Dress, that is an actual party within a dress. Well, five dresses to be exact. It’s an event coinciding with the London Festival of Architecture, and it’s shaping up to be a not-to-miss event:

Designed by two sisters, Karla and Dana Karwas, Party Dress functions as a pavilion worn exclusively by five women that seamlessly injects architecture into fashion by using the body as space. Step inside the dress, taste a sweet cupcake, and enjoy an evening of electro-acoustic music from Paris.

The dress begins as a shared, bustled garment that gradually unfolds to create a temporary, inhabitable structure. Each seam, each dress, and each body are interconnected by a single, amorphous surface of flowing material. Illuminated from within, the dress will lure the curious passerby inside to listen and be enchanted by the magical world beneath the fabric.

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