Oragami Table by Anthony Dickens and Tony Wilson

Oragami Range: Table by Anthony Dickens

The Oragami Table is a pretty amazing piece of design and quite possibly the only table I’ve written about that I really, really want to own. Each table consists of three legs that interlock together to form the structure. The glass table top is put into place, and there you are. Assembly of this table requires no tools. The table is lightweight and easy to pack and move. And although I love all of the efficiencies this table gives me, the real joy is looking at the way the light plays on the bold colors of the paper-like facets of the legs. This table almost floats as if by magic. The only thing that brings me back down to earth with this object is the price which is a grand just for the cafe table. I almost wish this table was made out of paper because then I might be able to actually afford one of these. SO, if anyone would like to send me a table as a gift, I would accept it with much gratitude. BTW, this is available at Thosten Van Elten.

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