NYC Garbage by Justin Cignac

NYC Garbage Gifts from Justin Cignac

Object: NYC Garbage

Manufacturer: Justin Cignac


Category: Tchotchke

Price: $ 50

Lust Factor: Hot

Description: Up front: It’s well packaged garbage. Step back from it, and it’s beautiful branding. If you find the right people to buy this, it creates a community of NYC Garbage owners. Only a finite number of people will ever own this, and this is most likely a very exclusive group of people that fuels the brand desire. To prove my point, in the Timeout New York Article a few months back, Cignac was originally selling his creations for $10, and now you can get one for no less than fifty. Why? Desire, my friends.

Do I smell the second coming of Jeff Koons? Or was that just the garbage?

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