Norwegian Designs: Polar by Fido

The Polar Pendant Lamp by Fido

The Polar Pendant Lamp by Fido

Object: The Polar Pendant Lamp

Designer: Fido


Category: Furniture and Housewares

Price: $400

Lust Factor: Hot

Description: The Polar Pendant Lamp may very well be one of the most elegent and simple pendant lights I’ve ever seen. However, don’t let the simplicity undermine the fact that this product requires a loborius hand-blown glass making process where an opal white color is subtlely graduated into the molten glass. The lamp may also be used as a table lamp where two units nestle on top of each other. It’s perfection. Unfortunately it is not available in the states. You may be able to order this lamp by going to where they lists shops this product is available at.

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