Newsletter Finds: John Moorehead

John Moorehead

Recently, I’ve been scouring through my newsletter subscribers, and I’ve managed to find a number of interesting companies that subscribers have either founded or work for. So, for the next several weeks, I want to point out a couple dozen interesting, design cracky if you will, companies that caught my eye.

John Moorehead is a young graphic designer and illustrator from Pittsburgh, PA. There are a number of examples of John’s work on his website, and I urge you to check it out if you are in need of some graphic design or ad work. Probably my favorite object from Mr. Moorehead’s portfolio is his logo itself. I find it beautiful in its simplicity and slight gothic quality. It makes me wonder why he chose an umbrella to be such an integral part of his logo. The immediate, visceral reaction is to say that the J perfect describes the shape of an umbrella handle. I like to think that is also symbolizes optimism in a sort of Mary Poppins I-Can-Fly sort of way that represents the future of this young designer.

Mary Poppins

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