Newsletter Finds: G |A | Design International

Ana String Hotel Tokyo Japan by GA Design

G | A | Design International is an interior design firm based in London with offices in Dubai and Budapest. Their work focuses on the hospitality sector which include projects such as Superstar Suites in London, UK and the spectacular Moevenpick Spa in Jordan. One aspect of their work that I find particularly compelling is that a great deal of their designs require a highly customized interior. For years, I was an interior designer for a corporate firm, and outside of the forms the walls took and some materials choices everything was off the shelf. With G|A|Design International, everything is considered such as custom light fixtures, door hardware, and all the often overlooked items in between.
I chose them to be on Design Crack because someone at their office has decided to subscribe to our newsletter, and I thought , hell, I need to show off some of the amazing design talent our email subscribers make happen. If Your company wants to be featured sign up for the email newsletter and let me know what your up to. If it’s compelling work then I’ll feature you on the site.

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