Newsletter Finds: Agency


Recently, I’ve been scouring through my newsletter subscribers, and I’ve managed to find a number of interesting companies that subscribers have either founded or work for. So, for the next several weeks, I want to point out a couple dozen interesting, design cracky if you will, companies that caught my eye.

Agency is about as slick of an interactive marketing company as you could ask for. For starters: How cool is that? This is like the best URL ever for an interactive marketing firm. It’s like if I somehow landed which would never happen because, quite frankly, Agency is much cooler and more powerful than me. (The closest I come to URL glory is which I picked up for a steal… if anyone’s interested, drop me a line).

Digging deeper into Agency, I find that this company has worked with the titans of industry. They have hit a number of fantastic campaigns out of the ball park including ads for Croc Week, website design for HP Music, and British Airways branding to name a few. The one thing missing here is myself. Agency, if you can hear me, are you looking for architects with incredible skill? Let’s talk.

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