New Dwell Website is Quite Impressive

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I’ve read Dwell over the years because they have always impressed me with their commitment to feature young residential designers in their magazine. I’ve had a number of friends with their homes featured in the magazine which has always given me a warm spot for Dwell. But Dwell’s new redesign of their website (and their whole business concept in general) has recently brought Dwell over the top from fun magazine to important resource. Why do I say this? Let’s take a look:

  • Dwell’s Design Leader Video Series– Many other design websites have started creating designer interview series, like Core77 for instance, but Dwell looks to be the leading resource for great designer interviews. Heck, they have even interviewed my boss, architect David Baker, which was great fun to see and a real inspiration.
  • Dwell’s Awesome Product of the Day– Here, we find an area of the website that I am jealous of and hope to copy some day. It  displays a new product each day with a big, clear image in a gallery type layout. Very sexy.
  • Dwell Homes Dwell Homes profiles new homes by up and coming designers each month. This is my personal first stop when I want to see what the residential design trends are coming up. You’ll love this section if you are an architect or anyone looking to remodel.
  • Dwell Resources– This is a must have knowledge base for all modernists and residential interiors people. This section has saved me enormous amounts of time in my job just being able to look up architectural elements so quickly. It’s like the yellow pages for modernist designers.

There is really so much more I could speak to, but I urge you to have a look for yourself at

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