NAT, designing nature exhibition on Revver

Over the next few weeks, I thought I would start adding some of my favorite architecture and design related videos from the awesome video sharing site, Revver. These next few are from I think you’ll find these videos pretty compelling.

A project that is a cross between an exotic Garden of Eden and an illegal growshop, a home hothouse, and a biotech laboratory. NAT, designing nature is about the interface where nature and culture, bi … ology and design intertwine. Some call it biomimicry, others next nature or simply ecodesign, but no matter what you call it, it is a fact that for some time now designers from a wide range of disciplines have expressed a keen interest in this specific interface. MU has challenged ten of these designers, all of them with a proven track record in successfully integrating living nature into their work, to develop a new work for NAT.

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