My First Revver Video: How To Mash Up Flickr with Yahoo! Pipes

I’m going to keep the geeking out to a minimum, but now and then I’ve decided to post videos on programming and technology. This is a big hobby of mine outside of design. This first video deals with my current obsession which is Yahoo Pipes. What Yahoo Pipes does is turn one type of data into another type of data that can then be displayed on a blog in you sidebar area. So, the problem that I was trying to solve in this tutorial is this: I would really like to have an rss feed that shows me what the top ten most popular tagged pictures are on flickr. By the way, Flickr is a photo website that has millions of images that people send in. People tag each picture with descriptive keywords, and if a lot of people tag pictures with the same keyword at the same time, it means something interesting is going on in the world. Anyway… Flickr has about any RSS feed that you want, but they do not make an RSS feed of their top ten most popular tags of the day, so in this video I show you how you can make this feed.

I’m thinking in the next video of showing how to get that on to your website. Yeah!

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