My favorite local design shop is dead :(

Friend Furniture Store San Francisco

I know, I know. Friend has been closed for a couple of months now and it makes me very sad. Friend, as you may know, was located in Hayes Valley in San Francisco on a trendy and well populated corner. The shop was a smallish impeccably detailed storefront filled with the greatest collection of high-concept housewares for at least a two block radius. For your information, down the street is a shop with possibly an equally intriguing selection of housewares and a much better selection of furniture. This is a bit of an aside, but if I wished any shop ill will it would have been the one down the street called propeller. Last time I was in this shop both of the shop clerks were complete dicks to me. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. As a contrast, the two clerks at friend were extremely nice, well educated about their products, an most importantly willing to speak to me rather than ignore or degrade me like they had in propeller.

It makes me wonder what the circumstances that led to the demise of this shop were. If any reader has the inside scope then please let me know because I would be very appreciative to know if this shop will ever pop up again in another form.

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