Munimula Wine Tray: Innovation in Simplicity

munimula wine tray from 2Modern-

The Wine Tray designed by Munimula is a piece I saw recently that I thought I would include as an example of simplicity at its finest. This piece actually solves a major problem which is how do I easily carry a bottle of wine and four wine glasses into the other room to serve my guests? That sounds like a simple problem, but think of the current solution: put all these items on a tray. Okay, this has the potential of a disaster because the glasses aren’t well secured and the weight on the tray could be unbalanced. In Munimula’s solution, The wine is always at the end of the tray nearest the hand allowing for greater control, and the wine glasses are secured in a narrow slot which helps divert a glass mishap. So, as simple as this design is, an extruded piece of aluminum with a couple of slots cut into it can equal a great deal of innovation. I commend Munimula for such great restraint.

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