Mosquito Chair by Michael Bihain

Mosquito Chair by Bihain

I was reading the author’s own word in describing the Mosquito chair this morning, and quite frankly, I couldn’t really follow what he was saying. For instance:

“A first step towards the ’no furniture’. The answer takes the form of a living being; an independent, obvious chair which gladly lends itself to play the role of a comfortable seat.

What is the “no furniture” and why is it a noun? How does the chair take the form of a “living being”? Here is my immediate advice to you, Mr. Bihain: consider getting a marketing specialist or copy editor to write you copy. This chair is fantastic, but to me it does not yet tell a story. It’s thinness and lightness certainly promotes a sort of minimalism that is like having “no furniture”. And the way the legs bend down to support the user mimics a man on his knees. I guess I would like to hear the full narrative.

On a more pragmatic level, the chair is an innovation on the typical stacking chair. I love the way it stacks! If it works as well as the prototype is showing, then Michael Bihain may have created a new future for the cafe chair.

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