Millionaire Fair Finds: Franz Jaeger Berlin

Franz Jaeger Bed

This week marks the annual Millionaire Fair, this year held in Moscow: home to 60,000 Millionaires and 30 Billionaires (The highest concentration in the world). All week, I will be reporting finds from the Fair on more obscure companies that cater to the super rich. What categories of design are on the lists of the fabulously wealthy?

This bed is for rich people. Why? Because Franz Jaeger said so! OK.

This design object is funny to me. First, take a look at the bed, then read the statement from the Franz Jaeger website: “The German Manufactory Franz Jaeger Berlin extends the noble high-grade steel design line by a new gold collection. Therefor (sp) the world’s biggest 24 carat gilding bath will be built. The most expensive beds of the world with their unique design are only made as desired by our exclusive customers.”

I’m not feeling it. Their design does nothing for me. And, how does it relate to their badly worded text? Franz apparently is a person with friends in high places, otherwise this guy what have left the design field a long time ago to go into accounting.

This is true design crack.

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