Meridienne by Sacha Lakic for Roche Bobois

Meridienne by Sacha Lakic for RocheBobois

I recently went into a Roche Bobois showroom in San Francisco, and I was impressed with this piece called the Meridienne. How do I put this without seeming crass… it’s a sex chair. Or, maybe I just had sex on my mind, because when I saw this chair I couldn’t help but think of all the positions I could bend my wife into on this sofa. Just look at it. There are three ways alone that I could imagine doggy style working out really well. There are even some positions that I’ve never thought of which were inspired by this sofa. I think if I stepped back and looked at the sofa in a different light I might say it has a bit of a Jetson’s feel to it, but isn’t that sort of obvious? No. It’s a sex chair.

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