Matrix LED Watch by Element Design

Matrix LED Watch by Element Design for Zeon

Element Design, a Vienna Based Duo established in 2002, has created one of the only watches I’ve really desired in years. The watch is called the Matrix and it’s designed for Zeon, the top manufacturer of retro styled LED watches. I’m attracted to the Matrix LED watch for its simplicity. It’s just a leather band with small LED lights penetrating through precise holes punched in the leather. It really couldn’t be any simpler. The LED Lights, in a sense, aren’t even perceived when you first see this watch. The lights appear to glow as if by magic. And honestly, I choose most products because there is some magical quality to them(or they’re crazy expensive and I know I’ll never own them, so I write about them in hope a manufacturer will send me a sample, Yeah!). This watch, I’m sure I could afford if it were for sale. Sadly, I could not find this available anywhere which makes me wonder if it went into production in the first place. If anyone knows, I will be indebted to you if you could point me in the right direction.

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