Lounge 72: Not Just a Cheesy Webring

Lounge 72

Recently, I joined a webring called Lounge 72. What is a webring, you ask? It’s a collective of like-minded individuals who maintain websites on a particular topic. The theory is all websites that are part of the ring can be reached by clicking on previous and next buttons, so people interested in that topic would click through a few sites in your ring. Over the years, webrings have turned into raging cheeze-fests. All the sites are lame. They often turn out to be spam sites or want to sell you window blinds and crap like that. Not with Lounge 72!

Lounge 72 has a surprisingly good array of sites in its webring. I was surprised to find that every site I went to was either beautiful, or interesting, or both. I highly recommend checking out the links below and judging for yourself. Please let me know if it’s lame or not. Me Likey. BTW, I put permanent links above if you are ever curious.
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