looolo Janthur Cushion – Rectangular 9×18

looolo Janthur Cushion - Rectangular 9x18 looolo Janthur Cushion – Rectangular 9×18

The name LoooLo is a visual representation of “100%”, symbolizing their commitment to every aspect of the design process – from using organic materials during development, to consideration of the environmental footprint their products leave. LoooLo sources the best organic fibers, dyes with the least environmental footprint and manufacturers who respect the philosophy behind the products. All looolo textiles products can be safely composted at the end of their useful life. A special edition to the LoooLo textile line, the Janthur cushion involves knitting, felting, dye cutting, then knitting together each individual piece. No zippers or other non-biodegradable closures are used on the cushions so they will biodegrade within one year when placed in a composter—don’t worry. they will last for years to come!

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