Loft Changer by Netto Collection: The Killer App For New Parents

Loft Changer by Netto Collection: A Baby Ching Station Beyond the Norm

Loft Changer by Netto Collection: A Baby Changing Station Beyond the Norm

From time to time, I like to feature some products from my sponsors, and 2Modern’s stuff is just so good to resist. I’ve personally focused on browsing the awesome selection of baby furniture and accessories because my wife and I are weeks away from having our first child. And what could be more perfect than finding the Loft Changer by Netto Collection? This is, as you would know if you’re a parent, a baby changing station. Ninety-nine percent of the time, it’s built with the express purpose of looking ugly and cheap while providing a place to easily change a baby. My wife and I have a 650 s.f. apartment in San Francisco, so we don’t have the space or the patience to deal with such drudgery. We want something like the loft changer whose express purpose is to perform its function really well while looking beautiful, and when the kid is out of diapers, transition into a beautiful home entertainment center that you would be proud to show your friends. Wow, I sound really stuck up! Sorry, but too bad. These pieces of furniture are not for the child. They are for the parents to help the child. Later on, when the kid is old enough to have his own room, I’ll let him pick his own bed with my help. For now, it’s about my style, and goofy Wal-mart frilliness just won’t cut it.

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