Links to the Top International Fashion Weeks

Picture from the San Francisco Fashion Week

As you may know, I’ve been hard pressed to create good quality posts with the birth of our son Lawrence. He is a tiny but precocious little fellow who has kept us on our toes. Since November 15th, my life has felt like one long and unending day. What do you do under heavily sleep deprived conditions? Make fun lists.

Today’s list is particularly good, though. It’s a list of links to all of the major international design weeks (most of which are sponsored by Mercedes for some reason). And heck, I’m from San Francisco, so I had to throw in a link to the San Francisco Design Week even though we all wear hemp sacks here and call that fashion. Honestly who can afford fashion when we have two bedroom apartments at $700,000 to contend with. I guess New Yorkers do this, though. Lucky fuckers.

I’m sure I’m missing a ton of other good shows, but the baby calls. For instance, I’m sure there are great shows in places like Spain and the Netherlands where there are compelling fashion houses. Please let me know what I’ve missed in the comments.

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