Lineground Round Mirror by Skram

Lineground Round Mirror by Skram available at 2Modern-

Mirror, Mirror. On the wall. What’s the fairest (mirror) of them all? Possibly the Lineground Round Mirror by Skram? I was looking through 2Modern’s retail catalog, and I came upon this mirror and was a bit stunned. The mirror is built with the same craftsmanship as a fine musical instrument. The bent wood frame is a sight to behold. It’s quite modern and simple which, in a way, does not do this piece justice, especially when it comes to the price. This piece is upwards of $4,000, so you think it would wipe your butt for you at that price. Still, there is no doubt that it’s an elegant piece of art. I really hate to say this, but this piece is for the extreme appreciator of fine craftsmanship only. I think I could probably find an IKEA equivalent for $59… probably with a name like “Gloobert”

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