Lazy Tuesdays: A Weekly Chunk of Usless Design(ish) Information

This will be my first Lazy Tuesday, so I’ll explain what LT is. Lazy Tuesday is a mind dump of fun design(ish) stories from a number of the blogs I read. I’m pretty lazy about properly bookmarking this stuff, so I thought I’d stick this info in a weekly post. I’ll probably write a sentence or two about each link and leave it at that.

  • There’s a cute post on Josh Spear’s blog about Terrorist Finger Puppets. It’s a shorty, but it has a cute picture!
  • BLDGBLOG has unearthed a deeply moving proposed Beirut art project called Bullet Lights.
  • Here’s a fun post about a pedal powered billboard in Vancouver.
  • I’m geeking out a bit: If you are at all interested in making a professional quality podcast, check this out. I’ve been listening to Hanselminutes for some time now, and it sounds so good I like listening even if the subject’s boring. Now, they explain the tricks to making their great podcasts.
  • Finally, here’s a taste of a brand run amuck: PSP (Play Station Portable?). You may have seen their “graffiti” ad campaign? There’s been another campaign to graffiti the “graffiti” by the masses (thank you). The ad company that came up with this campaign read one too many let’s-create-an-anti-brand-and-get-rich books. Take a lesson from Shepard Fairey and stand for something if you are going to make your “street art”.

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