Lazy Tuesdays: A Weekly Chunk of Awesome Design(ish) Information

A’ight, here’s a multitude of random stuff that I found amazing or beautiful this week:

First off, how about a quirky Brooklyn bicycle builder brought by Chris Lee. This bike is my new favorite BMX fixie.

If you are in New York in the near future and you have a  love for Swedish design, then Lisa Mikulski has included a handy list of upcoming events on the subject. I wish we had a Swedish consulate in San Francisco!

Fun Forever has a sweet collection of some really funky chairs. My brother-in-law works in for the NBA, and he would freak over the basketball chair. Wow.

2modern brought to my attention yet another interesting event going down in New York: The Architectural Digest Home Design Show. I must admit, Architectural Digest normally makes me want to scream and run in the opposite direction, but 2modern certainly has swayed my senses into wanting to get a plane ticket.

Josh Spear has featured a YouTube video of Shepard Fairy Murals in San Francisco. I will visit this tomorrow, no doubt. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Josh! I love it.

And finally, here is an OMFG moment. It’s when I first saw the Philips Drag and Draw Light Paint. You’re eyes will pop out of your head when you see this on Gadget Lab.

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