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Here is an early concept store for fine objects that was brought to my attention via Imedagoze via MocoLoco via who knows how many other blogs. The store’s name is, and they want to sell you some serious stuff. There are only twelve things available at the moment, so It’s kind of looking like a badly abused Ebay store with a nice wrapper. That will change, I would guess. They’ve made a nice start, and it’s only up from here. It appears to be similar in concept to, but not quite up to Etsy standards. That site blows my mind. After all, this is the store I would love to do (with the exception of the colors) if I had the cojones to quit my job and make zero dollars for about a year.

Pillow Fight Club

What is MMAP? I don’t really know. I just made it up. But I’m thinking it might stand for Massively Multiuser Art Projects (a take on MMOGs which is a real acronym). “What kind of art projects do you speak of?” you ask. Fine question. Take, for instance, organisations like that orgainze thousands of people to partake in a pillow fight on a massive scale. Their latest foray was in Los Angeles on April 1st. Unfortunately for the pillow fighters, the cops down in LA are a bit more tech savvy than our SF counterparts, and got wiff of the happening. Check out All Things Mau to see what happened. Hmm. There’s no point to this paragraph, really. But it’s kind of fun watching pillow fighters get busted.

Odd Shoes

I’ve never heard of this blog before called Spluch, but I was intrigued by their coverage of the 2006 Hong Kong Footwear Design Competition. I’m a borderline shoe fetishist. However, the pictures Spluch has posted have put me off shoes for a while. I’m hoping that the shoes featured in this post were not the winners, because if they are, then I might suggest that beautiful shoes might best be left to the Italians to design.

rocking chair and dirt anihilator 1

Finally, I just can’t keep away from We Make Money Not Art’s blog. This publication has, consistently, the most exciting posts I’ve read on art and design. Here is yet another post of an interview with Myriel Milicevic concerning the recent Human Powered workshop held in Antwerp. The workshop explores how to design machines that will perform functions with only the human body powering it that go well beyond the bicycle. If you are interested in green design, this is definitely one of the more exciting and creative realms being explored. Definitely check out the interview.

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