Lazy Tuesdays: A Weekly Chunk of Awesome Design(ish) Information

Secret Wars at Juno Shoreditch High Street

(This is really starting to become a habit) I will provide a few links to some of the best reading I’ve done in the past week.

A good start would be to mention a nicely constructed article at WMMNA highlighting an exhibit at the Z33 gallery in Hasselt, Belgium. The exhibit is called “Designing Critical Design”, and the author highlights thought provoking works including the “huggable atomic mushroom for people afraid of nuclear disasters”. You get the point. Critical Design is taking everyday design, such as a pillow, and contrasting that with tough cultural questions such as nuclear weapons. The affect of such design explorations are profound, often times.

I spent some time looking through my own favorite SF site: Fecal Face. Those interested in new art with an emphasis on the West Coast should have a look at this site. They really have a ton of great stuff going on here. The thing that’s been turning my crank lately is Fecal Face’s Free Fridayz. This is a sort of themed drawing contest with prizes and all. The entries are all across the board weird, as you can see from the last Free Fridayz, but that’s most of the fun. here’s some info for next week:

Next Week’s Theme: Desperation

Next Week’s Prize: Fecal Pal, Andreas, has started a new clothing company called Sweat Pants, and he’s going to be giving away some shirts and stuff. His website’s not up yet, but let’s just say the Nuke the Whales shirt is fucking awesome!

…and speaking of art battles. How about the amazing and awesome Secret Wars happening in locations all over England. What is it? Imagine the giants of UK graffiti battling it out in a crowded club with only two hours to create genius art. That’s a lot of pressure. But they have the skillz with a capital Z. Thanks to my new favorite blog, for throwing me a bone. I just wish we could build a west coast crew to compete. Imagine Twist, Bigfoot, Shepard Fairey, Sam Flores, David Choe, and so many other masters at their craft stepping in and smoking theses UK crews. Let’s bring Secret Wars worldwide!

…and speaking of absolutely sick West Coast artists. If you want an inside look at the lives of some of the artists you may have seen around, Upper Playground has asked some of their favorite artists (many West Coast) to write a blog. David Choe, arguably the most raw talent in the crew (I love Choe’s long whales!), has really taken the blogging to heart a written some hilarious and revealing posts. I don’t know if he realizes this, but he could easily be as good of a writer as he is an artist. I would buy a graphic novel on the Korean tip from David Choe any day.

We will now end our journey on the Austrian design tip. Cities like Gradz and Vienna have been turning out huge talents for centuries, but Pure Austrian Design really brings to light all the product designer talents NOW. It’s been fun exploring this site, and you’ll be sure to find many of the designers in these pages over the next few weeks.

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