Lazy Tuesdays: A Weekly Chunk of Awesome Design(ish) Information

banana bunker

I’m really going to make this a weekly happening. Lazy Tuesdays I thought would be a simple thing to produce. You just add a few links and your done. Nope. It really takes some time. So, I was happy to find that once your website gains a bit of popularity, then a lot of good links just come to you. I really, really like this. Because now I’m not lying when I call this thing Lazy Tuesdays as long is a significant number of good links come in.

Here’s one that I just received from Modern Self, a Los Angeles based DIY and modernism appreciation site. It’s a link to their latest extremely handy article concerning home lighting. It’s a quite good guide on how to light your bachelor pad. Eric, the author, even won a trip to San Francisco with this article.

BTW, I’m at South by Southwest Interactive Media Conference this week chillin’ with my fellow bloggers (sorry for so few posts!). One of the panels I went to a couple of days ago featured a fascinating product that apparently several companies are manufacturing. This product would be the banana guard. The design doesn’t really make sense to me but it is quite unique. The whole reason the banana guard was even mentioned in this panel is that the moderators, Pablo Marque, Todd Purgason, Jason Zada, and Rick Web, were asking for the audience to throw out a random product, and these guys who are all advertising gurus would build a marketing campaign around the product. Someone shouted out :”Banana Guard!” and the rest is in the books… or on the podcasts, at least. So, if you are a marketing exec or business owner of the banana guard, look no further than these guys to come up with your campaign because, in theory, it’s done. You can see the various iterations at,, and if you’re curious.

And Since I’m on the subject of SXSW (as they refer to it), how about more links I learned about at the conference: I went to a great panel which I will forever be indebted to called “from project to business” which was about turning your internet creation into the thing that pays the bills. One panel member has an awesome business where she sells fantastically designed small run DIY type products. Here name is Pixel Girl and she’s real nice. Her insight was useful, but Ted Rheingold and Ryan Carson were also extremely inspirational.

I’ve got tons more links to pump out, actually, but now I’m late for the conference.

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