Last Match Menorah by Kathleen Walsh

Today is the last day I’m in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest cadre of conferences. I’m sitting in my favorite little cafe just north of the University of Texas campus. It’s called Spiderhouse, and this has to be one of the many things that I desire to be immediately transplanted from Austin to my home in San Francisco. I also wish the warm weather would follow, but I know that’s not going to happen. But as much as I’m missing Austin already, I’m missing my wife so much, and I’m missing the daily routine of writing posts about fantastically cool products, so here I am with the Last Match Menorah.

Don’t think of the Last Match Menorah as a mind blowing product that I’m using as a homecoming after a week of absent posts. I picked it randomly from probably 100 posts that I’ve got lined up in the queue. At the same time, it’s pretty damn cool. If you are a devout jew and a hipster at heart you now have one more choice of cutely punnish menorah. There is deep-seeded double entendre that I don’t fully comprehend that has to do with the last candle of menorah being the lucky candle and the last match in a matchbook also being lucky. I’ll figure it out later, though, because right now the sky is crystal blue and there are many college age armchair pundits distracting me.

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