Laptop Case by Giles Miller of The Farm

Laptop Case by Giles Miller of FarmLaptop Case by Giles Miller of Farm

I noticed this post on the Inhabitat blog recently, and I just wanted to point out how lovely the concept for a laptop case is. Giles Miller of The Farm has always pushed the boundaries with his experimentations on recycled cardboard, but he’s made one crucial move on this product design that will win him a great number of sales: he has put an Apple logo on the the case. This logo, of course, will win you immediate accolades with the Linux / Apple uber-geek mavens who have no doubt got this case in front of the eyeballs of 50 million people. What I like most about this case, though, has less to do with the form and more to do with the manner that Giles choses to create a recycled product. One of the big beefs I have with modern recycled products is the enormous energy expended to recycle a product in the first place. Giles Miller’s product uses very low energy because almost no processing has to be performed to create the product. So, the item may not look incredibly refined, but it works efficiently and at very low expenditure of energy, and I applaud the effort.

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