Lamp by Konkret Form: Minimalism, Sandinavian Style

Lamp by Konkret Form: Contemporary Product Design

Konkret Form is a minimalist design duo from Stockholm Sweden. They are a fairly young but well accomplished crew. All of their projects follow a simple rule which is, as you may have guessed from the lamp, K.I.S.S.: Keep it Simple, Stupid. As you can see, they haven’t strayed from this with this lamp that comprises of a cord, a bulb, and a glass vessel to cover the bulb. Although I love this fixture, I’m a bit disappointed in that the lamp borders on the unusable. The bulb is fully exposed, so unless the lamp is mounted at a sufficiently high location, there will be glare that could be a bit annoying for the user. The designer could have simply frosted the top part of the lamp to end that problem, but then that may take away from the simplicity and make it more functional as well.

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