Droog Designer: Labeled by Claudia Linders

Labeled by Claudia Linders

Through January, the Museum of Arts and Design will be hosting an exhibit on the Netherlands’ Droog Design titled “Simply Droog”. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll spotlight some of my favorite design objects from the Droog Designers. I also highly suggest browsing the comprehensive list of links located in the sitemap.

Object: Labeled

Designer: Claudia Linders

URL: http://www.labeled.nl/participate.htm

Category: Fashion

Price: $?

Lust Factor: Warm

Description: Claudia Linders’ project is worth noting as solid (however, laborious) effort to catalogue and recongnize the importance of Brands. The idea is to unlabel your clothes to give them a sense of clothes for clothes sake and not clothes for label’s sake. Do you still love your Prada jacket once it’s generic? Miss Linders goes one step further by using the discarded labels to create a super-brand garment that is, in a sense, a commentary on her whole wardrobe.

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