Laaka Chair by lapalma

Laaka Chair by lapalma- Italian Contemporary Furniture Design

I’ve always been a big fan of bent plywood furniture. Like everyone who has my disease, I own an Eames Lounge Chair (knock off). Actually, I got the Eames chair on Craigslist for a hundred bucks. I hope that’s made all of you sufficiently jealous, so on to the Laaka Chair by La Palma! Now, this is a chair I couldn’t afford. I don’t know the price off-hand, but I know it goes for no less than $1000 retail based on the amount of furniture I’ve had to choose for clients over the years. It’s materials are a matte chrome and oak plywood. This chair, as simple as it is, falls under the category of great design, for me, because it looks so damn simple. I would love to see how this is produced in the factory because I know that when pieces look so perfect that you think ” I could build that ” that means you could probably spend a lifetime trying to build one of these chairs and you would get it wrong.

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