Keep your Guests Guessing with the Gold Door Stop by Arik Levy

Gold Door Stop by Arik Levy

Have you ever wanted to give a girl the impression that you were richer than you really were because you thought that would help you get in her pants? Lord knows I have. But sometimes when impressing a girl with your wealth requires more subtle means than just waxing poetic about your yacht. That’s when I reach for the Gold Door Stop by superdesigner Arik Levy. Mr. Levy has created a design that allows you to hint at your fake wealth by covering a cheap steel bar with gold plating bringing the price of this door stop from tens of thousands of dollars if it were solid gold to a much more reasonable price. Using this as a door stop will say to an unsuspecting date that he might be rich, but he’s not afraid to play it down by using gold to prop open a door. Please let me know if this works out for anyone.

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