iSpy: A modest iPhone App Proposal

iSpy: An iPhone application that spies on people

Do you want the truth? iSpy proposes to help you find it. iSpy is an application that takes advantage of the iPhone’s new abilities to add highly integrated applications and locate iPhone users through the iPhone’s GPS system.

iSpy on the iPhone

How do I use iSpy? It’s simple. Just:

  • Set up an account on the iSpy website.
  • Install the iSpy software on any iPhone you want to track (the iPhone of your wife or husband, perhaps)
  • Log on to the iSpy website and start tracking

How does iSpy Work?

  • Wait until the person that you want to spy on has parted with his or her iPhone for the day. Once you have access to someone’s phone, it only takes a couple of minutes to install the iSpy application.
  • Once you’ve installed the iSpy application on the iPhone you want to track, iSpy will automatically record where the iPhone is and transmit this location to your iSpy account. Every time iSpy records an iPhone’s location we call this an iSpy Snapshot.
  • iSpy cannot be easily detected on the iPhone once installed.
  • When you log on to the iSpy website you will be able to see all the iSpy Snapshots to determine when, where, and for how long a person stays in a particular place.

map view of iSpy Snapshots

What can iSpy do?

  • You can choose the time period and the frequency you wish to track an iPhone. For instance, you may only want to track on Saturdays every 15 minutes.
  • You can see the route an iPhone takes over a certain period of time.
  • You can choose to see a Google Streetview video of the iPhone route (not available in most cities).
  • You can look at travel frequency graphs to see location patterns. For instance, you could see that your wife or husband goes to a specific hotel for 2 hours each Wednesday. Hmmm.
  • You can track multiple iPhone patterns to see where and when multiple iPhones are in one place.
  • More functions are being added all the time!

How do I get iSpy?

iSpy is not yet commercially available. The iPhone application and website is not completely developed and needs time and money to grow. If you are interested in helping with either your development skills or investments, please leave a comment and we will contact you promptly.


iSpy: Find the Truth.

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