Inside Out Collection Liqueur Glass Set: The original or a ripoff?

Inside Out Collection Liqueur Glass Set

Hey! hey! What the f##k is going on here? Which one of these glasses is the original and which is a ripoff? About a year ago I reported on a woman who had created a design for a glass so similar that it feels like an impossible coincidence. The pint glass by Emiko Oki is pretty much the same design concept as the Inside Out Collection. I guess I should be asking myself does it even matter that they are the exact same design. My answer is yes it does matter. It’s an insanely cute and clever idea for a product that can be sold at a reasonable price. That means that whomever had come up with the concept could do well on the sales of this thing. I know nothing of protection of ideas, so maybe there is no case for Oki or the Inside Out Collection, but it might be worth investigating. You tell me. Is this a big deal or not?

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