ID 40 2006: The All Terrain Cabin by Bark

All Terrain Cabin by Bark

Over the next week or two, I will include some of my favorite designers from ID Magazine’s “ID 40” list of top designers of 2006. It’s a pretty amazing list, so I urge you to pick up a copy of this magazine.

Did you ever ask yourself what the heck are those Canadians doing up there, anyway? Bark, a fantastic Canadian design collective proves that they are doing more than just smoking B.C. bud and watching hockey. Bark is proving to the world that design is thoughtfully thriving in the the great white north. One of my favorite projects they’ve produced is The All Terrain Cabin. This is a living unit that is completely self sustainable and fits a comfortably large space within a small shipping container. Sure, everyone is building a shipping container house these days, but this one presses the boundaries of efficiency and beauty to the highest levels.

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