ID 40 2006: SwopIt by FormUsWithLove

Swopit by FormUsWithLove

FormUsWithLove is a brand new design collective from Sweden. They just formed last year, and they are well on their way to rockstar status. (BTW, take a look at the collective’s picture on their website. They have developed a style that makes them look like the ill fated Heaven’s Gate members or backup members of Beck.) Their emphasis is on “innovation, interaction, and love” and they’ve made gang-like hand signs to show you how committed they are (again, see the site). Man, I’m rambling…
Wait. Wasn’t I supposed to talk about a design object? Swopit doesn’t really look like much after I’ve built the design collective up so much. However the idea is simple and effective. What they’ve done with Swopit is given the user of this little stool the ability to easily swap out the fabric to include any fabric they like, essentially creating an object that can be a new piece of furniture as often as desired. This is a commendable effort to create something that won’t get thrown away quite as fast, however just knowing myself, I would never change out the fabric and I would quickly scratch up the acrylic shell. So, I would probably chunk it quicker than a simple wood chair.

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