ID 40 2006: Pig Bank by Harry Allen of Areaware

Pig Bank by Harry Allen of Areaware

Areaware is a New York based design collective whose focus is on the design of everyday objects. Harry Allen, in particular is an extremely talented individual who is probably more well known for his interior design work which include several high profile retail interiors. And although Mr. Allen has had great success in product design, he has reserved to produce the Reality line of housewares (including the Pig Bank) under it’s own brand. My guess is Target might not be quite that forward thinking as to have a gold plated resin pig that was cast from the corpse selling in their stores. Mr. Allen has produced a number of such products, but this one is striking to me because I can’t help but wonder how he got the pig corpse to stand in such an upright and natural position. It’s really impressive when you think about it.

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